Constructed with Light: The One Spadina Project

one spadinaThe Larry Wayne Richards Gallery, Daniels Faculty at the University of Toronto is currently exhibiting “Constructed with Light: The One Spadina Project,” displaying photographs by Peter MacCallum. Since February 2014, MacCallum has documented the revitalisation of One Spadina Crescent, the future home of Daniels Faculty.

One Spadina Crescent is also one of Toronto’s most prominent and historic addresses. Its renewal represents the largest architecture school expansion ever undertaken in Canada. The renewal of One Spadina, the largest architecture school expansion in Canada, is the University of Toronto’s leading development in design education.

The exhibition will be held until April 6, 2016,  featuring documented photographs of One Spadina Crescent. Visit 230 College Street, Monday to Friday between 9AM-8PM to see the displays. Check out the website for more information.

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