Founded at the Asian Institute, U of T, the journal seeks to stimulate academic discussions on the current political, societal, and/or economic developments in Asia. The journal accepts submissions of academic articles, book reviews, and original photography that centers on Asia’s growth in the recent decade. All submissions will be published online throughout the year and then finally compiled into a print publication at the end of the academic year.

Here are the following categories the journal accepts:

  • Academic Articles should present moderate original academic research in English.
  • Book Reviews should be insightful and critical reviews of recently published academic works that align with Synergy‘s goals.
  • Photographs should present original photography work from the individual photographer.

Are you interested in getting your work published? Send your submission(s) to Written submissions should be sent as attachments in MS Word format and original photographs should be sent as a JPEG file. Be sure to attach a signed copy of the Statement of Originality and refer to submission guidelines for your submission.

For more information, check out the Synergy website. For any inquiries, email with the subject line “Synergy Submission Inquiries.”