Here are some example topics you could write about:

  • A place you discovered on a trip to Asia and your thoughts about it.
  • A critique of an Asian film that was screening at a neighbourhood arts festival.
  • A popular Toronto Asian restaurant or a new food craze, like the Japanese izakayas or Korean pojang-machas that are popping up in the hip areas of the city.
  • An interesting concept or fact that you learnt about in a South Asian Studies or Contemporary Asian Studies course that blew your mind.
  • Your thoughts on an event or phenomenon taking place in Asia that you’ve been following but that hasn’t been getting much attention in international news. (Asian Institute)

Feel free to write about other topics, as these examples are just ideas. Any submissions that examine Asian topics are welcome. If there are any photos you’d like to accompany your article with, include it in your submission file and be sure to credit the artist. To submit an entry for publication on the Asian Institute student and alumni blog, email your article to with your name, program, year of study (or year graduated), and attach any photos you want to include. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. Share your thoughts about Asia and get your work published!

For more information, check out their website.