U of T – Top Ten in Employability!


According to the 2015 Global Employability University Survey and Ranking conducted by recruiters over 21 countries, U of T is one of the ranked top ten in terms of employability!

Not only that, we’ve been ranked 1st place in Canada for four years consecutively! The university rankings have soared 14 places since 2012, which now places U of T as the top 3 public schools in the world for employability. Here’s to some U of T pride!

The key drivers of the survey included reputation (which was based on recruiters’ own experience with graduates), international exposure and expertise. Similarly, employers claimed skills as the most important factor, which was followed by work experience, degree area and finally, grades.

Interested in reading the actual article? Here’s the U of T News article or check out the full article on Times Higher Education.

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