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The Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology welcomes two new faculty members this summer!

Jaime Banks

Jaime Banks joins the Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology and the Faculty of Information as Assistant Professor of New Media with an emphasis on Interactive Virtual Environments. Professor Banks comes to the University of Toronto from Colorado State University where she completed a Master of Science in Technical Communication and has just successfully defended her PhD in Public Communication and Technology. Professor Banks has a research background that should be of great interest to ICCIT students, especially those interested in gaming and interactive virtual worlds. For the past three years, she has helped lead, “a large, federally funded, multi-year, multi-university research project aimed at understanding communication and behaviour in virtual worlds and online games (Second Life and World of Warcraft).” This collaborative research project is closely related to Professor Banks’s dissertation, “An examination of human technology relationally and the implications for identity emergence: Player-avatar relationships in World of Warcraft.” In her research, Professor Banks explores questions of the nature of human-technology relationships, in both digital and physical spaces, and addresses the “multiplicities of Self” across various media. She also has experience teaching courses in Professional and Technical Communication and Computer-Mediated Visual Communication.

Look for her courses this coming academic year – Professor Banks will be teaching CCT courses in her research area, including a new Topics course.


CCT385H5F An Introduction to Immersive Environments (MO 11:00-13:00)


CCT375H5S Immersive Virtual Environments and Multimodal Interfaces (FR 10:00-12:00)
CCT395H5S Topics in Communication, Culture, Information and Technology: “Information Practice in Virtual Worlds” (WE 10:00-12:00)


Nicole Cohen
Dr. Nicole Cohen joins the Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology and the Faculty of Information as Assistant Professor of New Media with an emphasis on Global Perspectives on Information and Technology. Professor Cohen recently completed her PhD in Communication and Culture at York University with a dissertation titled, “Negotiating Precarious Cultural Work: Freelance Writers and Collective Organization in Media Industries.” Her dissertation research should be of interest to all ICCIT students who are working toward careers in media industries. Professor Cohen’s research has been funded by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship program, and has been presented at conferences in North American and internationally. She is currently a collaborator and co-author of another SSHRC-funded research project, a book titled, “Flexible Workforces Respond to the Creative Economy: The Recomposition of Labour Politics in an Age of Precarity.” Research and related materials for this project can be found at Her research interests also include explorations of digital journalism and the political economy of social media. With her diverse background in communication and culture, political science, and journalism, Professor Cohen has taught a range of courses, such as Journalism and Change (Wilfrid Laurier University), Cultural Industries and Work (York University) and Labour and Communication in the Communication and Cultural Industries (York University).

Look for her courses this coming academic year – Professor Cohen will be both revising standard CCT courses and also teaching a new course in her research area.


CCT490H5F Topics in Communication, Culture and Information Technology: “Cool Jobs in Hot Industries? Critical Approaches to Cultural Labour”
(WE 11:00-13:00)

CCT200H5S Intercultural Communication (WE 9:00-11:00)
CCT320H5S Communities of Practice (WE 13:00-15:00)

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