The awe-inspiring fan art for Bioshock Infinite

The much anticipated video game Bioshock Infinite has certainly lived up to its hype. It’s no wonder why IGN gave it a 9.4/10 or how it managed to land a spot on Steam’s top 10 most downloaded games. Without giving too much away this game has the perfect blend of narrative, action, and chill-inducing graphics. The developers seemingly sacrificed nothing when it came to quality, and it’s paid off. Gamers have become obsessed with every virtual inch of Columbia — the fictional city where the story unfolds, and also one that floats!  It was only a matter of time then, for players to start making their own Bioshock inspired pieces of art. Here are some of the most impressive ones found naturally, on deviantArt:

                                                                                       Made by artist  ~Kopetkai


                                                                                        Created by Wieldsthekey


                                                                                             Crafted by AcerSense




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