ICCIT Council elections 2013-2014

With the ICCIT Council elections right around the corner, some of you might be wondering why you should vote. Aside from contributing to the ICCIT program, your vote acts as your say in how things should be run. I know, it sounds cliché and we hear that phrase a lot whenever it comes to any kind of election in Canada, but we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we can vote, and voting in the ICCIT Council elections is certainly a reflection of that. Exercise your rights as a student and a citizen!

Here are the nominees and their respective positions to help you make an informed decision:

Social Director 

Chris West

As the 2013-2014 Social Director I plan on hosting a variety of special events throughout the academic year for students to enjoy. This included the Hunger Games Wing Night and ICCIT Bowling Night. I am in my third year at University of Toronto, currently majoring  in CCIT and Psychology. I have also completed a two year diploma program in radio broadcasting at Fanshawe College. I look forward to meeting you at one of our exciting social events this year!

Public Relations Director 

Patrick Pawlowski

I am applying for the position of Public Relations Director because I believe that I can be a valuable asset to the ICCIT Council, and I would like to gain more experience and skills within the field of public relations that will benefit me in my future career. I am currently majoring in CCIT and minoring in English, and I have developed grand writing skills within these programs. As a frequent user of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, I can apply my writing skills to get important messages out in a minor amount of words that will reach a large audience. I can also maintain strong social networks both online and offline, and I enjoy meeting and speaking with different people around campus. As a volunteer DJ at CFRE Radio, I have gained outstanding public speaking skills, and making announcements regarding ICCIT events to live audiences is not an issue for me. I also volunteered for ICCIT Frosh 2012, and constantly attend meetings for volunteering with upcoming events: Portfolio Critique and Networking Night, and ICCIT Gala 2013, which displays that I am dependable and that I am efficient at meeting deadlines for any kind of work needed to be done.

Nour Montasser

As a Digital Enterprise Management student, social media and brand management have been two focal points of my academic study for the past two years. I strongly believe that social media is a powerful tool which, with the right marketing tactics, can gain appropriate awareness to events. With that said, I have always wanted to get involved on campus with something which is relevant to my personal interests as well as academic background. I consider myself a tech-savvy individual who always feels the need to update her surroundings on current activities and personal new interests. I also enjoy socializing with others and meeting new people. Receiving the opportunity to become the public relations director for the ICCIT council will allow me to expand my relationships with others, and utilize them to promote the efforts of the council. As public relations director, I would not only be able to meet new people, but also facilitate and encourage other opportunities for ICCIT students to network together. Online presence is also one of my forte’s which should be helpful promoting the council’s activities through social media websites. I would love to receive the opportunity to not only pursue a public relations path, but to also keep my fellow ICCIT students updated and aware of events and opportunities on campus which they may benefit from!

Maria Mae Lazarte

My name is Mae Lazarte and I am a second year student in the DEM stream. As an avid user of social media and a believer in networking I am applying for the Public Relations Director position. I believe in the goals and vision of the ICCIT council and I plan to build a stronger relationship between the students and the council through efforts of developing a more notable presence throughout our campus and fostering more awareness about ICCIT program and council. Also, I hope to extend support, friendship and opportunities to other fellow CCIT students. I have a variety of skills which I can put to use in this positions such as my familiarity and knowledge about social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Prezi. I also have confidence in my abilities to communicate, stay organized and relevant as well as professional in teamwork situations. Throughout high school I have been an avid student council and club executive member and through those positions I have gained various leadership skills. My first year at UTM I volunteered for UofT LipDub, a student run organizations. During my volunteering I was also on the Public Relations team developing and overseeing Mississauga campus campaign efforts. Also, I have been exposed to working in teams and working under pressure to campaign for events. Through my experiences I have been given perspective and would like to share and put them to good use through the Public relations position on ICCIT council. Thank you for taking the time to read through my platform and hopefully you find me suitable for the position.

Samina Sultana

My name is Samina Sultana. I am a second year student at UTM. I am running for the position of Public Relations Director.
I think it is important to get the students of UTM involved more with the ICCIT Council events. For students interested in writing, communications, media, web design, and visual communication are aware of the different aspects of the program. For example, the professors who make the classes come alive. Second, the different courses offered as well as the events hosted by the council.
The skills I bring to the position, first and foremost is my enthusiasm to be a part of the council and I am looking to make a positive contribution. Second, I am organized, I am a fast-typer and I am good with informing others of events and balancing different tasks at once.  I am excellent with conversing with others. I am savvy with Facebook and Twitter. I am a fast learner. I also work well with others.
The one flaw, which I hope doesn’t sound like a cliché, I am a perfectionist. I tend to take a long time to get things done, but I always meet the deadline.
Thank you reading my platform.

Marketing Director 

Sabrina Li

Why are you applying for this position?
I am applying for Marketing Director because being in the Digital Enterprise Management program; this would be a fantastic opportunity to apply the skills I have learned from the classes I’m attending in. I love ICCIT, I made most of my friendships through ICCIT. I want others to experience what ICCIT council does through social events, through networking night and just meeting new people. I want to show that being ICCIT, it is one of the best programs to be in and lasting friendships can be made here. I’m currently in CCT356 Online Marketing and Advertising that can help understand how to market a product or a service.  I would like to be part of a team but also continue to grow into a leadership role that will help me in the future.

What skills can you offer?
I have a positive attitude, I work well with others, and I take other people’s considerations when deciding on different methods. As said before, since I’m in the DEM program, this will be helpful for me to apply the theories that I have learned in class and put them in council.

Past experience
I am right now working for EB Games, where I have to market products and be exposed to different types of advertising techniques. I’ve attended leadership camps in highschool; I’ve been in a few group projects where I had to take the initiative to lead the group. I’ve also had experience running different types of social media for an online video game website, talking to people on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube. I’ve volunteered for CCIT council for the past two year I have attended UTM from helping with Gala and Frosh to being part of Web Committee.

Sandra Nehme

My name is Sandra Nehme, and I am running for the position of Marketing Director. My majors in both CCIT and PWC, combined with my innate drive, provide me with a solid foundation of leadership, creativity, and passion necessary to approach this role with success. Additionally, my experience with the marketing of independent film festivals and school fashion shows has prepared me for this position. My primary objective as Marketing Director is to generate excitement and awareness of the countless events held by council over the academic year. Through meticulously planned marketing campaigns and consistent social media, I will focus on communicating with the student body in an interactive approach that reflects their wants, needs, and concerns. In other words, instead of communicating to you, I strive to communicate with you. I stand firm and confident in the fact that ICCIT is an incredible program, made up of even more incredible students and faculty. By standing by me as Marketing Director, I will work endlessly and rigorously to ensure that you receive the amazing year that you truly deserve. Thank you for your time, and I, Sandra Nehme, hope to be honoured with the privilege of being your 2013-2014 Marketing Director.


Ayman Khan

I have worked with CCT Council this year as a volunteer photographer for a few of the events. I am a second year CCIT student. I have experience designing graphics in a professional sense. I also have a lot of experience as a photographer thanks to utmsu and the medium. I would like to apply for the position of the marketing director due to those reasons.

Christopher Fletcher

Christopher Fletcher

If elected, I intend to contribute my extensive knowledge of the Adobe creative suites to the council. I will also strive to incorporate my innovative perspective to market and promote the ICCIT Council around campus in a positive, informative and entertaining manner.

My experience as a UTM Residence Don has helped me develop strong leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills, while maintaining an approachable and outgoing attitude as a member of a team. I am passionate about social media and I’m interested in finding new and inventive ways to promote the council.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend events put on by the ICCIT Council, that have helped me expand both my professional and personal networks. As the marketing director I will work to ensure that students within ICCIT as well as the UTM community have the chance to enjoy and grow from the same experiences that I have had – through finding out about ICCIT Council, their events, and having access to their resources.

I love working with people and getting to know how I can tailor my contributions to best suit the needs of individuals. Want to get to know me? Feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter!

Office Administrator 


Rachel Nghiem

As second year IDM specialist, I am passionate about ICCIT and am currently  serving as a program representative under the academics committee at ICCIT Council. I seek to inspire and motivate all ICCIT students with the same enthusiasm! Having strong communication skills, I love meeting with new and familiar students, to promote ICCIT. As a program representative, my responsibilities include regular updates via e-­‐mail and announcements, setting up workshops, working with others, etc… and it’s with excitement that I will transfer these skills to the Office Administrator position. Also, being a student advisor under ICCIT Student Advisory Council has enabled me to establish great relationships with various students and faculty members. I enjoy collaborating with others to build upon ideas, but also working independently, as a self-­‐motivated individual. Familiarity within the office setting has promoted various skills such as organization, responsibility and attentive listening. With  a commitment to the excellence and leadership, I bring passion, initiative and enthusiasm to the ICCIT Council, always striving to work towards student needs.

Web Director 


Dimitar Jordanov

My name is Dimitar and I am a third-year student in the Digital Enterprise Management program. Additionally, I am the senior web developer and webmaster for the DEM Society. I also teach an “unofficial/official” web design class/workshop on Fridays for anyone interested in learning about making websites and I am a professional web developer as well. I would be honoured to be the ICCIT web director for next year and with that help expand everyone’s web-related experiences.

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