The fall of an empire: THQ’s assets have been sold


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With an unfortunate turn of events, THQ has very recently sold its assets in an auction. In case you’re not familiar with the company, they were one of America’s largest video game developers up until they declared bankruptcy only a month ago.CEO Brian Farrell and President Jason Rubin sent a letter to their employees, letting them know what companies now own their studios and other properties. Here are where their main assets went:

  • Sega agreed to purchase Relic (who was responsible for games like Company of Heroes and Warhammer) 
  • Koch Media agreed to purchase Volition (the Saints Row franchise) and Metro
  • Crytek agreed to purchase Homefront
  • Take 2 agreed purchase Evolve
  • Ubisoft agreed to purchase (THQ offices in) Montreal and South Park
Vigil Games however, the developers for Darksiders, didn’t get any bids which means the complete demise of the studio. In December, THQ released a “Humble Bundle” which let customers pay what they wanted (with a minimum of $1) for a bundle of games. They managed to raise $5 million, however it’s obvious their proceeds were a little too humble as THQ is no longer. THQ’s empire may have fallen, but its legacy will continue to survive in its assets.

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