“Cause for Paws” at UTM

Some say death is the great equalizer. But according to Reddit and the internet in general, I think it might be a safe bet to say puppies and kittens are. An odd statement yes, but no matter who you are, you probably find an image like this adorable: 

Courtesy of www.reddit.com/r/aww

On Wednesday January 17, the UTM Student Management Association hosted a charitable event called — wait for it — Cause for Paws. For $10-$15, students were invited to a spread of pastas sponsored by Boston Pizza and a night of entertainment featuring Eddie Della Siepe from Much Music’s “Video on Trial.” The proceeds went to the Oakville & District Humane Society (ODHS) who are affiliated with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA). The Oakville & District Humane Society rely solely on donations as they are a non-profit organization. Currently they house 300 cats and 50 dogs, which as you can imagine is rather costly. With that in mind, Cause for Paws raised over $1000 in proceeds that will be donated to their organization!

In light of this fun evening which featured talent from UTM, it was brought to our attention that these animals need our help.The ODHS  believes in low-to-no euthanasia. This means that with hundreds of kitties, cats,puppies and dogs living there the issue of overcrowding is an unfortunate reality. If you’re thinking about buying a cuddly friend from a pet store, think twice. Instead, opt to adopt from the OSPCA or Humane Society!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Great article! Thanks for helping out the cause and all of our little furry friends! 🙂

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