Rebuilding U of T’s Past Online

There’s a specific reason why we chose to become students at the University of Toronto. It may be that the school ranks in the top 30 of the world’s best universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong. It may be that upon setting foot in any three of the campuses, a sense of wonderment flowed through you. Or it may be that UofT has cultivated some of the greatest thinkers throughout history. Whatever the reason, we are all bound by two things: the school’s culture and history.

The University of Toronto has recently launched an online archive where its history is showcased to the public. The archive includes a digital repository of significant books relevant to the school, photos of important professors or buildings that are over 70 years old, and artwork. The University’s website states that it serves as a “splendid addition to the University of Toronto’s collective memory.” The idea for the archive was conceived by the University of Toronto’s Libraries’ Information Technology Services. It was a “tri-campus initiative” which included work from Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University Archives, U of T Mississauga Library and U of T Scarborough Library.

The university already has a world renowned library; building an online archive of its history only serves to strengthen the notion that this institution is more than just a few buildings and professors. It is a community built by centuries of hard work and dedication. The content uploaded on the site can also be viewed at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in the university archives.

Check it out!

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