What the !@#$% is ICCIT?

Ever been tongue-tied trying to explain to a friend or family member what “ICCIT” stands for? Wondering what types of skills the courses throughout this 4 year program can offer you? Curious about the kinds of careers ICCIT grads typically pursue after graduation?

Then come on out to this event catered towards students wanting more information about ICCIT, ICCIT courses across IDM, DEM, PWC and CCT. You’ll get to meet with upper-year students and talk with them about their experiences in the program, as well as ICCIT faculty members who will be present as well.

And don’t forget – every year following the What the !@#$% is ICCIT event, we all get together and go out to Cooper’s Pub for 39 cent chicken wings! Mark your calenders for this funtastic ICCIT student social event.

For more information, shoot us an email at info@ccitcouncil.com

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