Why I bought an iPad

I had gone into the Apple store to replace my iPod headphones, as I walked into the store I noticed the iPads. As I was paying for my headphones I asked the cashier, “So when does the iPad 3 come out?” “Tomorrow,” he said in a nonchalant manner. “Tomorrow!?”  I laughed, thinking that its release date in Canada would actually be later. As the cashier handed my headphones I walked over the iPad kiosk and began to play with one. “This is kind of cool,” I said to myself as I took out my cell phone and called my dad. “Hey, dad, the iPad 3 comes out tomorrow; want to split the costs with me?”. He said what he always says when I call him asking for money, “We’ll talk about it this evening.” I looked at my bank account statement and noticed I had exactly $593 in my chequing account, so I did the responsible thing and transferred over $300 to my VISA. When I spoke with my father later that evening, we discussed the prospect of an iPad, its relevance and how would it help him or me. “You can view your inventory on it, show manufacturers,” I said, since thinking on my feet was always my strong suit. I continued, “You always go on Reuters.com, they have apps you know… you can have this light weight pad rather than your old computer.” I was beginning to see I was convincing him. “Okay, go get it.”

My strategy for finding a line that wasn’t too long should be a feature in it of itself. But to make a long story short, I woke up at 5am, went to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto and left after seeing the first 30 people in line with sleeping bags. Then I decided to head over to Square One; my strategy was that it was a suburb and only housewives and business executives would be there, and I was right. I even saw a few of my UTM peers. After two hours of waiting, and a ten minute prep cheer, the line began to move and within twenty minutes I had purchased my new iPad. I went to school and had about an hour hour to play with it before my first class. Here is where my review begins.

I paid close to $800.00 for my iPad including the lovely Apple Care Plus that covers water damage and damage to the device itself (get it, its $99 and its totally worth it). When you get the iPhone you have a phone and texting, later comes the apps; when you have the iPad, you have Internet, and iMessenger. That’s about it. They neglect to tell you that as an iPad owner you need to spend about $200 in applets alone for it to look as cool as it does on the commercial and for it to do all the cool things the iPad is supposed to do. I purchased some essentials like Pages, which is basically a Word applet that lets you type documents, and AudioNote, which records and lets you type on a note pad that can guide you back to the exact time the speaker said something – it’s pretty great for students who record their lectures.

It has been about two weeks since I purchased my iPad and I can honestly say that unless you intend to go into web design professionally, there is no use for this thing. It’s basically a really lightweight computer with fewer features. Yes, it’s cool and I really enjoy playing with it, but it’s more of a status symbol then a feasible product. My four-year-old MacBook is still more important to me.

So my suggestion if you have $800 lying around, go for it, buy it; if you do not…not the end of the world.

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